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I am the great-granddaughter of Ruby Side Thompson. 
Recently I started re-reading the World War ll journals and felt that they were such an important part of a history that will soon be forgotten if not published and shared with the world. These diary excerpts are not the entirety of what is published in print and kindle.
Ruby grew up during a time when education was just beginning to be encouraged for both upper and middle class women. During the late 1890's Ruby explored many radical political ideas of London, England. She met many famous people including the writers George Bernard Shaw and William Butler Yeats. 
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World War ll London Blitz : 3-30-41 It was on the news this evening that there has been a great naval battle in the Eastern Mediterranean. Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham is in command. Three Italian cruisers and two Italian destroyers have been sunk, without a loss of one boat, or even one man, of our own!

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March 30, 1941
It was on the news this evening that there has been a great naval battle in the Eastern Mediterranean. Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham is in command. Three Italian cruisers and two Italian destroyers have been sunk, without a loss of one boat, or even one man, of our own! The whole battle carried on in darkness. There will be fuller details to follow later. Also there is a news item that the Vatican today broadcast, in French, to unoccupied France. The subject of the talk was of the growing paganism of the world and particularly in Germany, where Hitler desires that all baptisms may be deferred until the age of twenty, so that only the state will be allowed to instruct the young. Very nice! Why doesn’t the Vatican broadcast to Italy about the “growing paganism of the world?” Why doesn’t the Pope speak out to his Italians, and denounce their own lies, treacheries, and aggressions? Why doesn’t the Pope say, not merely to his Italians, but to the world, that war is devilish, and that the Nazi’s and fascists who engineered this war upon Europe, are criminals? Why doesn’t he tell his people to overthrow their fool Mussolini, whose actions are destroying them? No, the Pope says nothing!

March 31, 1941
Still further news of the battle in the Mediterranean. It is now known that seven Italian ships were sunk, with another “possible” and one “probable.” We picked up nearly a thousand survivors, and could have rescued between three hundred and four hundred more, but German dive-bombers were active overhead, so to protect our own men and boats, we could do no more. That’s how the German’s help their allies! Report says that the estimated Italian dead are three thousand. Three thousand! Such a statement makes me weep. I can’t help it. They may be our enemies, and they have to be conquered, but this is terrible, and I grieve for the dead. These young men have been sent to their deaths through the fatuousness and the cupidity of one wicked man: Mussolini. God console their wives and mothers, though I can’t see what consolation there can ever be for their women.
The Times this morning carries a note from a correspondent in Belgrade. He writes:
Belgrade March 30th
“During the crisis, which has shaken the Yugoslav nation, the part played by the Patriarch of the Serb Orthodox Church, Gavril, recalls that of the Bishops of Medieval England, when the church directed the King’s policy and kept his conscience. Although the full story of his activity during these fateful weeks is not known, the Yugoslav people feel instinctively that if he had not resisted the Regent’s Cabinet and mobilized all the forces of the Orthodox Church to that end, Yugoslav today would be another of Hitler’s serf states. Hence the Patriarch’s intervention is stirring the public imagination today. Not only did the Patriarch head the Orthodox Church openly in the fight to oppose the Three-Power-Pact as it affects Yugoslavia, but in the critical days just before the ministers left for Vienna, when German diplomatic pressure was at its height, the mind of Prince Paul undecided, and the issue still doubtful, he gathered all the influence and the authority of the church into opposition against the policy of capitulation.”
Good! Here at last is one great primate who has dared to stand up for the right, and to defy tyrants to their faces. I wonder if such forthrightness can cause the Pope to feel ashamed of himself. I wonder.
Here in England, last year, the Protestants were saying, “Well the Pope will soon stop the war. He has only to speak to his Catholics, and they’ll soon put an end to the axis.” Oh yeah! As the boys say. “The old Pope, Pius XI might have spoken out,” but only might. Certainly this Pope has said nothing; he minds his place. Posh!
April 1, 1941
In the nine o’clock news tonight further accounts were given of last week’s naval battle. Admiral Cunningham has informed the press that one Italian eight-inch gun cruiser was struck by at least seven fifteen-inch shells simultaneously, and completely disintegrated in one burst of flame. “Not a pleasant spectacle,” he commented.
Tonight’s news said that when operations were finished, on all our ships the men assembled on deck, facing the guns, and, standing, prayers were said, giving God thanks for the victory, thanks for their own safety, and prayers for the speedy end of the war. The commentator added that the men were most visibly moved and it was observed that with many of them the tears were rolling down their faces. No wonder. What they must have seen, done, and endured, must have been veritable hell. Sailors are naturally religious men. I think no one can go to sea and not feel God.
This was Ted’s instant comment: “All organized, of course!” How else could a ship’s crew pray? Of course they must have been ordered to assemble for prayers. Were they ordered to weep? Ted is ridiculous. I hate it when Ted belittles other men’s feelings, and when he will not allow validity to other men’s religion because it is not his special brand, nor to their prayers, because they are not according to his book.
Oh, I am exasperated beyond endurance. He has a report of our sailors praying with tears and giving God thanks for his help in battle; a battle that must have been one of the worst and awesome in history, and on the instant, Ted has to belittle the moment. He simply cannot believe that anyone else outside the Roman church can have any religion. He is an inveterate bigot, and I can’t stand such bigotry. I say nothing. What would be the good of any words? It is Ted who poisons life with his words. I say nothing, but when he talks as he does against all “Protestant Religion,” as he names it, my heart sinks down and down and down. He is impossible.
April 2, 1941
Of course there is much more pride in the Old Testament; meekness and submission and resignation in the New; but effort and struggle, power and pride, men relying on God but also relying on themselves and feeling themselves sons of God, and so making demands on God, as well as relying on his help, protection, power, and glory—yes pride. I suppose that is why the Old Testament suits me. There is no resignation in my make up, and nothing can ever make me feel like a worm. I always feel I am a child of God, made in his image and likeness. To my reading there is something so pervading weak in the New Testament, and I despise weakness, men wanting God to save them; whereas in the Old, no matter what their sins and their troubles, you get a sense that it is men upholding God. Most definitely a sense of strength. That’s what I crave, strength and dependability.
Somewhere here is the link with those sailors of last week. They went through a mighty battle, relying on God and their own manhood, and after the victory, weeping for the dead, the enemy dead, they could stand to give thanks to God that he gave them victory, and their own lives safe in the end. Glory and Thanks be to God.
April 3, 1941
As I turned on the eight o’clock news we heard the item that yesterday Mr. Matsuoka called on the Pope, that the interview lasted an hour, but politics were not touched upon. The Pope spoke only of spiritual, religious, and moral matters.
Fine! What a Pope! What a ninny, yea-yea-ing Mussolini so nicely. This presumption of the Jap to call on the Pope! I suppose Hitler will trot along next, and the dear Pope will say, “Welcome, dear son!”
Yet the Catholic papers are saying that the Pope ought to be invited to attend the Peace Conference when it comes. Had he set his face against this war, and denounced the thugs who brought it about, and forbidden his Italians to join in it, he probably would have been invited in at the end to help frame the peace. As things are, no. He’ll never be given a finger in politics. He has let down the prestige of the papacy to the whole world, before which he stands simply as another yellow Italian.
There are two notables reported as suicides today; one a woman, one a man. The woman is Virginia Woolf. It has to be presumed, says the news, that Mrs. Virginia Woolf, who has been missing since last Friday, has been drowned in the Sussex House, at Rodmell, near Lewis. Suicide is not mentioned, but why is it assumed that she is drowned? Might she not have just disappeared? Surely her friends suspected her of being in a troubled mind, and likely to do away with herself?
The other is Count Teleki, Prime Minister of Hungary. He shot himself with a pistol, and was found dead in bed this morning. According to Reuter, he left behind him a letter saying that he did not feel able to carry on his “difficult and unhappy task.” This is another Nazi victim.
April 6, 1941
We had bad news this morning. Germany announced that she was at war with Yugoslavia and with Greece. This expected new aggression has happened. Happily, at three a.m. Turkey signed a non-aggression pact with Yugoslavia, and we hope it can be relied on. After Greece it is supposed that Germany will attack Turkey. Stalin says nothing.
Yesterday came news of a Coup d’├ętat in Iraq where the Pro-Axis party has seized power. Marshal Petain was to have broadcast to the world last night to attack General De Gaulle and the Free French Forces, it is surmised, but then we were told his speech would be postponed until Monday night; orders from Hitler most likely. Now what next?
This week I have been reading Francis Hackett’s book, Queen Anne Boleyn. Though cast in the form of a novel, presumably it is based on real history. Hackett is a creditable historian and his book on Henry VIII was given great praise from reliable critics. That was history. Though an American, he worked for years here in London, getting his authentic data on the period. Presumably the facts in this “novel” are also authentic. This book was first published in October 1939, so it must have been in the press before the outbreak of war. Reading it today the most striking thing about it is how it shows up the machinations and duplicities of all the powerful, the kings and their nobles and their ambassadors; the Popes and their Cardinals; and the disregard of all the powerful for the common man.
History what a filthy mess it is! Here we are in a great melee again, and with talk, talks, swirling around us, like a blinding snowstorm to make us lose our way. The entire “pretty” talk, so useless. Just like today, when the romanticists breathe their hot air all over us, while meanwhile the bombs do their work of actual downright physical destruction. “All men are liars.” Who said that? Is it scripture? Or is it Shakespeare?
My God! What a world, a manmade world to live in!
At one o’clock we got the news that our Imperial Forces are in Abbis Ababa. They entered last night. Now all that remains to take is the port of Marsawa. Lieutenant has conducted this campaign in Abyssinia. General A.G. Cunningham, who is brother to Admiral Cunningham, who has just had the victory at Mattapan? One gleam of light has come out of this entry in to Abbis Ababa. The Duke of Aosta, who is in command of the Italians, has verbally sent a message to Lieut. General Cunningham, saying “he wishes to express his appreciation of the initiative taken by General Wavell and General Cunningham regarding the protection of women and children in Addis Ababa, demonstrating the strong bonds of humanity and race still existing between the nations.” This is the message of a true gentleman and, subtly and indirectly, is a plain criticism of the barbarism of the Germans, and also of the folly of the Italian dictator, Mussolini.

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