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I am the great-granddaughter of Ruby Side Thompson. 
Recently I started re-reading the World War ll journals and felt that they were such an important part of a history that will soon be forgotten if not published and shared with the world. These diary excerpts are not the entirety of what is published in print and kindle.
Ruby grew up during a time when education was just beginning to be encouraged for both upper and middle class women. During the late 1890's Ruby explored many radical political ideas of London, England. She met many famous people including the writers George Bernard Shaw and William Butler Yeats. 
5.0 out of 5 stars A choice pick, not to be overlooked, November 6, 2011 By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

World War ll London Blitz Diary: 5-31-41 I was very excited to read this 2nd volume of Word War II London Blitz Diary after reading Volume 1. Ruby Side Thompson gives the future reader such an in-depth window regarding the way people lived through the Blitz. It is hard to imagine going through those kinds of bombings night after night and then in the morning, tired, irritable, hungry and scared and going about your daily life and doing the ordinary things of life. I found Ruby to be quite a woman, possessed of the same kind dry English humor my father, a Brit, also had. I could totally understand her frustration towards her husband at times, after all she was a woman in a male dominated house - 1 husband and 7 sons. Ruby even details when air raids happened and I have on more than one occasion used her diary to double check something I was researching from that time, a resource I was totally grateful for. If you are a fan of WW II history, including diaries, or memoirs from that time, this is the book for you.

Last night the Germans bombed Dublin; they dropped about six bombs have destroyed many shops and houses, and casualties, not yet definitely known, are thought to be about three hundred. Two tenement houses were hit, and wardens are still digging out the bodies. From the very beginning of the war the Irish have refused in any way to cooperate with England.

They refused us the use of their Southern ports, thus making difficulties for us in combating the German submarines, and by so much assisting the Germans. It has been reported that the Irish allowed the Germans to use the Irish ports!! It is thought that the Germans will invade Ireland, and then use Ireland as their base to attack England. Quite likely!

Another item this morning was an announcement of the rationing of clothes and boots and shoes, as from today. We are to be issued with sixty-six coupons, which must provide us all wearing apparel for twelve months. Seven coupons will be required for one pair of shoes. So sixty-six coupons won’t go far. Everything grows scarcer and scarcer. For over a week now it has been impossible to buy any oatmeal, or any cereal of any kind. Lord Woolton announces that he hopes he won’t have to ration bread. Eggs are as rare as diamonds. Cheese is rationed to one ounce per week, per head.

Jam is more liberal; we can have two ounces per week, or one pound for two people for one month. Yesterday I got one and a half stewing steak and a quarter beef kidney, which is our entire meat ration for a week. Milk is reduced by one seventh of our usual supply. So, with all our protein foods out of sight, no meat, eggs, milk or cheese, to speak of, our potatoes and oatmeal practically finished, no fruit at all, what are we going to live on? Ersatz I suppose, like the Germans. That’s war. That’s how men run the world.

This is one of my bad days. From about midnight we had the raiders over, and there was steady gunfire until about three-thirty this morning, dawn, when the all clear came. After a period of quiet nights the noisy nights are much harder to endure. I lay uncontrollably trembling all the while, though long before the all clear Ted was able to fall asleep.Apparently no bombs fell in this district. For once we over slept!

World War ll London Blitz Diary: 5-13-41 - My mother grew up at this time around the corner in Romford and knew some of the people mentioned in this series of books she enjoys reading about it again.

A most extraordinary and astonishing event has occurred. Rudolf Hess has deserted to England. In last nights late news we were told that Berlin had broadcast the news that Hess, Hitler’s deputy, who had been forbidden for some time past to fly, because of a progressive disease from which he was suffering, had obtained an airplane at Augsburg on Saturday evening, and nothing had been seen of him since; and because of a “distracted” letter which he had left behind him it must now be assumed by the National Socialist Party that Party member Hess had either jumped out of his plane, or “met with an accident.”

Well, the world knows what is meant by Nazi “accidents” and we went to sleep, wondering what has been the split in the Party, and why Hess, who was supposed to be the only man Hitler trusted, had been put out of the way. Then lo, this morning at seven a.m. we were told that Hess landed in Scotland on Saturday night - whilst Gerry was bombing London

At two o’clock this morning the Ministry of Information stated that the identity of the man who landed from a Messerschmitt in Scotland as Rudolf Hess has now been established beyond all possible doubt."

Joan has had news from the war office that George died in the hospital, May Twentieth, 1940. Gladys has been bombed out of her house in Plymouth.  Plymouth is practically annihilated. We have been quiet in this part of the country for nearly two weeks, but trouble is stirring up again now.
Since teatime tonight more than one hundred and fifty of our fighters have gone over, there is probably a battle in the Channel. I expect we’ll have a bad night tonight. It was a new moon Monday; it will be first quarter 6-2. Last night, about midnight the alert went, planes went over, but no gunfire in this neighborhood. What I noticed, was, that my nerves were much worse when this alert came after a spell of quiet nights. I trembled horribly and even after the all clear went, I could not fall asleep.
The war is getting worse and worse. Terrible fighting is going on in Crete. A naval battle has been fought off Greenland. On Sunday the Germans sank the Hood, our biggest battleship; but yesterday we sank their ship, the Bismarck, in quick vengeance
The loss of life is appalling. Where will it end? Last night President Roosevelt broadcast, declaring the United States to be in a state of great national emergency, and declaring America would fight to defend the Americas, even if the new Bunker Hill should be a thousand miles from Boston, Massachusetts.

World War ll London Blitz Diary: 5-10-41 Fascinating engrossing account of life during the blitz in London...the diarist suffers the combined tyranny of a religious fanatic spouse and hitlers nightly bombing raids with a dour sense of duty sprinkled with sackfulls of regret and longing for a life she had and lost in America

It is a year today since Germany invaded Holland and Belgium and Luxembourg. Today, the Duchess of Luxembourg broadcast from America and M. Pierlot, for Belgium, and Queen Wilhelmina broadcast from London. The war is accelerating. America is debating using her Navy to convoy armaments and food to Britain, and is practically in the war already.

It was a most frightful night. The main attack was on London. Thirty-three bombers were brought down, by thirty-one fighters, two by anti aircraft. The raids are awful. I do not know yet what happened in Romford. One awful blast rocked the house and blew in our dining room window; Mother ought to leave London, but she won’t. God knows what happened in London last night! The planes were over incessantly for hours.
 Of the two air force boys I have here, one came in at midnight and calmly went to bed; the other was on duty from midnight until eight this morning. He said all night the fires could be seen in London, predominantly in the East. I suppose the devils were after the riverside and the docks.
Oh God! How hard it is to keep rational in these crazy times! Is there anything more insane, more hellishly insane than war?
We had three alerts last night, and a fairly noisy night, though nothing as bad as Saturday night. Saturday’s was another terrorization raid on London.  In the nine o’clock news last night we were told of some of the damage. The heart of the attack was at Westminster. Serious damage was done to Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, and the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Hall were all seriously damage by high explosives and incendiaries.
 The abbey is open to the sky, the Lantern Roof burned. The Little Cloisters were burnt out. Five more hospitals hit, a cinema, a large hotel.  In the hotel one hundred and forty guests and employees were sheltering in the basement, but a bomb crashed through, and it is feared all are dead.
The Peel’s live or lived on Castellan Avenue, Gidea Park. A land mine came down just outside their house. Several land mines fell in Gidea Park. A block of twelve flats near the station was completely destroyed, and the row of shops at the end of Carlton Road also. 
 Squirrel’s Heath Church is gone, and All Saints, at Gidea. I shall have further details of our local damage when Ted comes in for dinner presently, Poor Elizabeth Coppen! They had all their windows blown out by a bomb in Pettit’s Lane, only about two weeks ago,
The Gidea Park section gets an awful proportion of the bombs and mines in our neighborhood. Why? Nobody knows.

World War ll London Blitz Diary: 4-28-41 Powerfully evocative - From "War started today", the first diary entry, (which was also published in Ruby's own handwriting on page 8) to the last page, I was completely captivated by this powerful diary. Ruby's thoughts, observations and feelings in her own words provided a fascinating and uncensored view into wartime London, her marriage and her life, all written in a brutally honest and wonderfully readable style. Her story is compelling. This book is a rare gem.

No further news from the Balkans yet, but it is reported that the Germans have crossed the Egyptian frontier at Sollum at several points. Yesterday General Saints made a speech about the war and last night the Prime Minister Winston Churchill, again spoke on the air. Had we had the use of the Irish ports we could have fought Hitler much more effectively even than we have done. Well, if the Germans invade Ireland, nobody will be sorry for the 

The war news continues badly. Churchill announced that eighty percent of our troops have been safely evacuated from Greece. News tonight says the enemy has penetrated the outer defenses of Tobruk. There is trouble brewing in Iran, and the Russians are stirring. There is talk that Germany will now “take” the Ukraine. What next? The Germans win everywhere. We thought perhaps the invasion of Britain would really begin today but it didn’t. Perhaps tonight it will.

 To listen to the political talk disgusts me. To excuse our defeat in Greece, and withdrawal from Greece, the politicians say, “Well, of course, we knew we couldn’t defeat the Germans in Greece.” Why did we start the war anyway? We knew we weren’t “prepared” whereas Hitler has done nothing else but prepare, ever since 1933. Except for Turkey and Spain and Portugal the Germans now occupy all of Europe.

Except for Poland and Greece and Yugoslavia not one country withstood them, and three have been conquered. If the little countries wouldn’t combine to resist, why should we go and fight for them? We’ll be licked too, I suspect. The talkers insist we shall win in the end, but I can’t see how. Hitler has literally hordes and hordes of men,

We can’t fight all of Europe. Oh the damn fools politicians are! Talk about liberty and democracy and honor and a better new order won’t win the war. Talk, talk, talk, God, it makes me sick.

World War ll London Blitz Diary: 4-25-41 What a Story about the British during WWII - Since I am old enough to remember WWII this was a very interesting story that I had not hear before. It is intriguing and exciting.

The blatant assumptions that Britain and America are wholly virtuous whilst Germany is wholly vile. Oh God, such absurdity makes me sick. Each country trying to corral God in for umpire! How he must laugh! Meanwhile common people everywhere suffer and die. Where will the bombs drop tonight? London, Berlin, Athens, Romford.

The raiding last night was on a town in the North East, probably Hull or Tyne-Side again. No fresh news from Greece is given us yet, except that we are retreating. The Germans claim the capture of the Pass of Thermopylae, and occupation of the Island of Lemnos. Mr. Skiliton is particularly disturbed about Lemnos. He says he was stationed at Lemnos in the last war, and if the German’s have taken that, “someone has been asleep.” In Washington, Roosevelt has publicly censured Colonel Lindbergh, and the other “appeasers.” He declared they “were just dumb”

One o’clock news. The Germans have entered Athens. Six o’clock news, the Germans claim to have captured Corinth, by means of parachute troops.