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I am the great-granddaughter of Ruby Side Thompson. 
Recently I started re-reading the World War ll journals and felt that they were such an important part of a history that will soon be forgotten if not published and shared with the world. These diary excerpts are not the entirety of what is published in print and kindle.
Ruby grew up during a time when education was just beginning to be encouraged for both upper and middle class women. During the late 1890's Ruby explored many radical political ideas of London, England. She met many famous people including the writers George Bernard Shaw and William Butler Yeats. 
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World War ll London Blitz: 3-13-41 It was another dreadful night. The first alarm did not sound until about ten o’clock, but from then on there was no quiet until morning. However, the B.B.C. reported that the worst attack of the night had been on Merseyside, and we had brought down nine bombers in that district.

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February 27, 1941
We had bad raids last night and a very heavy raid this morning about twelve thirty. All quiet since early afternoon, and still quiet. There is much rain today, and now a strong wind howling.
March 2, 1941
Ted has just gone out for benediction. He was out all last night fire spotting, and went direct to church this morning. Church! I’m tired of that too. All last week there were talks on the radio: “Three Men and a Parson,” a sort of radio mission. The Parson was Canon Cockin of St. Paul’s, and he is giving two sermons today, one of which we have already heard. What struck me in the “talks” was that they would never convince anybody to join the church; in fact, they were hardly “Christian” at all. However, I can’t stop to write about them now. It’s time to listen to the news. Yesterday Bulgaria signed up with the Axis.
March 10, 1941
It was another awful night. The moon is coming up to the full, and the cold has moderated, so the air bombardment has begun again in grim earnest. It’s simply devilish. How much longer will it go on? Hitler is winning. Last week he swallowed Bulgaria. This week he is cajoling and threatening Greece, Yugoslavia, and Turkey; by next week he probably will have swallowed down all three. There is constant talk of the coming invasion of Britain. My God! It’s awful! This is how men run the world! War, bloody war.
There are planes streaming over, going toward the West. Last Tuesday we raided the Lofotan Islands, and destroyed all the Fish Oil Works there. We also brought back over three hundred young Norwegians to join the fight from here. America has passed the Lease and Loan Bill. Ex-King Alphonso of Spain died in Rome. Well, that’s one bad egg out of the way.
March 12, 1941
Today has been quiet all day, probably because of unfavorable weather. It is very cold and looks like snow. Perhaps it is snowing across the Channel and the Gerry’s won’t take off. If so, I hope it continues unfavorable tonight, so that we can all get a proper night’s sleep. When the war is over and we can once more sleep peacefully in our beds, those of us who are left alive, what Heaven that will be!
March 13, 1941
It was another dreadful night. The first alarm did not sound until about ten o’clock, but from then on there was no quiet until morning. However, the B.B.C. reported that the worst attack of the night had been on Merseyside, and we had brought down nine bombers in that district. Well, if we could bring down nine during the night, the attack must have been colossal. Hell, hell, hell!
Last Sunday a high explosive fell here in Wolsey Road. It demolished twelve houses, and in one bungalow alone seven people were killed, amongst them a baby only two months old. This is the sort of incident that makes me faint with nausea. To think of that young mother who endured her pregnancy and her labor, only to be destroyed, with her child, after only two months, Oh God, there are no words for this sort of crime and lunacy.
This world is hell, and Hitler is Satan himself. The last war convinced me of the reality of the Devil; this war reinforces that conviction. I say, men create war; yes, but the evil in men’s hearts, which creates this sort of war, is the Devil’s evil itself.
Yesterday there was assassination in Istanbul. Mr. Rendell, the late British minister in Sofia, had arrived with his daughter and the staffs of the Legation and Consulate. Ten minutes after they arrived at their hotel an explosion of extreme violence occurred. It completely wrecked the ground floor of the hotel, killed three people outright, and seriously injured many more. Two of our English lady typists have since died this morning from their injuries. This is senseless murder and destruction. A time bomb had been hidden in a suitcase. I suppose some devil thought that a clever idea. Oh God, deliver us from evil, from Satan and his evildoers who prowl through the world seeking the destruction of souls, of souls and of bodies! Last night the R.A.F. bombed Hamburg, Bremen, and Berlin. So it goes. Battledore and Shuttlecock. Aerial warfare. What a curse!
The whole invention of the flying machine has been a curse. There was no need for men to fly the skies. I should think the invention of the flying machine has wrought more destruction to the world than any other of the inventions of man. Well, time passes. Peace will have to return to the world someday and then what? If only we can live through the war!
March 14, 1941
A heavy gun going off nearby ever since nine o’clock, but no alert has been sounded so far. We have had another very bad night.
March 15, 1941
We had another shocking night, but the B.B.C. says the worst of the attack was on Clydeside, where one hundred bombers attacked for hours. The spring offensive is definitely on, and all this week, of course, there is full moonlight. Moon rises at ten to one tonight, and Ted is on duty on top of Lyon’s all tonight. I don’t know who will be the more frightened, he or I.
March 16, 1941
The night was not too bad. In the evening we had a heavy raid with incendiaries following everywhere, but the all clear was given soon after midnight and the rest of the night was quiet. This afternoon we found a stick of an incendiary bomb leaning against our garden fence at the bottom of the garden, Owelett’s side, so it came pretty near to setting us alight, but didn’t. Ted went off to his Home Guard drill at ten thirty, and this afternoon he had a Knights meeting. No visitors today, so that’s lucky, for he is just about all in.
Three times today we have been given instructions over the air, what to do in case of invasion. This is becoming a constant cry of “Wolf” and pretty soon we shan’t pay any attention to it.
Also we heard a recording of a speech President Roosevelt made last night from Washington. It was picked up here in its entirety at three thirty a.m. this morning, and given over the air in full at one thirty this afternoon. It’s a wonderful speech. He declares that America is united behind the democracies, that she will have no compromise with the dictators, and is all out for aid for Britain and aid right up to total victory. He warns America to be ready for sacrifices. He pledges the fullest and ever increasing aid in the fight for liberty, until total victory is won, for Britain, Greece, China, and all governments in exile whose homelands are temporarily occupied by aggressors. He said that Britain and her Grecian Allies needed ships, planes, food, tanks, guns, and ammunition and supplies of all kinds, and they would get them. He called on Americans to make sacrifices to speed production.
He said: “I hope that the watchword, ‘Speed, and speed now,’ will find its way into every home in the nation.” So, America is definitely and practically in the war. Once again, America will help the British win a great war. God Bless Franklin Roosevelt.

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