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I am the great-granddaughter of Ruby Side Thompson. 
Recently I started re-reading the World War ll journals and felt that they were such an important part of a history that will soon be forgotten if not published and shared with the world. These diary excerpts are not the entirety of what is published in print and kindle.
Ruby grew up during a time when education was just beginning to be encouraged for both upper and middle class women. During the late 1890's Ruby explored many radical political ideas of London, England. She met many famous people including the writers George Bernard Shaw and William Butler Yeats. 
5.0 out of 5 stars A choice pick, not to be overlooked, November 6, 2011 By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

World War ll London Blitz Diary: 6-21-41 This takes you right to the heart of the Blitz - I found the diaries fascinating, and was amazed to see a few one star reviews. It is always interesting to hear about the war from someone who actually was there. Also, in common with the WW2 diaries that I have examined that were written by Guernsey evacuees in England, 'London Blitz' was written as a diary and some people may forget that it was not meant to be public at the time. This type of WW2 diary should be required reading in all high and secondary schools as it clearly shows how life really was for people who endured WW2, as well as how awful war really is.

A quarter of an hour ago Ted was called out by the Home Guard! Is it scare, practice, or real invasion? There has been much air activity today, but no alarms given in the neighborhood.
Planes have been going overhead all evening and are still up. This evenings nine o’clock news reported us making day light attacks on Northern France, and the destruction of twenty four enemy fighters and bombers: our losses, three fighters and one bomber - so they say.
 I don’t believe any of the reports. The news is juggled, and also withheld. The British public is treated as one irredeemable fool, or a tiresome child who must be given doses of soothing syrup. The government is a huge muddle and Hitler goes on winning and winning. All the men keep on talking; in the homes, in the pubs, in parliament; their self-righteousness is nauseating.
 Meanwhile the infernal destruction goes on and on. Syria looks to be shaping into another glorious retreat. America is on the verge. How much longer she can balance there, God knows.
This week Roosevelt has frozen all the German and Italian consulates, travel agencies, etc. and given their staffs until July 15, to leave the country.  No German or Italian is to be allowed to go to any South American state; all have to return to Germany or Italy. Roosevelt talks, Halifax talks, Churchill talks. The radio is a curse. Hitler says nothing. Nor does Stalin. All week there have been rumors that Hitler is now going to attack Russia.

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