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I am the great-granddaughter of Ruby Side Thompson. 
Recently I started re-reading the World War ll journals and felt that they were such an important part of a history that will soon be forgotten if not published and shared with the world. These diary excerpts are not the entirety of what is published in print and kindle.
Ruby grew up during a time when education was just beginning to be encouraged for both upper and middle class women. During the late 1890's Ruby explored many radical political ideas of London, England. She met many famous people including the writers George Bernard Shaw and William Butler Yeats. 
5.0 out of 5 stars A choice pick, not to be overlooked, November 6, 2011 By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

World War ll London Blitz: 11-4-39 I forgot to note that our ration books arrived yesterday, though rationing is not to begin until next month.

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November 4, 1939
I forgot to note that our ration books arrived yesterday, though rationing is not to begin until next month.
November 19, 1939
The twins home for the weekend, on the same occasion again, which is surely unusual. They arrived for tea last night. Cuthie left soon after dinner today to go to the Newton’s; Artie arrived at seven o’clock this evening. Artie expects to get his transfer into the Air Force about Christmas time; the proper officials have duly signed his papers, but he has to finish his eight weeks training course with the London Scottish before he will be transferred. He looks very well, but Cuthie is showing signs of nervousness, little facial twitches, reminiscent of Eddie.
November 30, 1939
At noon we had news that at eight o’clock this morning Russia invaded Finland, attacking simultaneously from land, air, and water. She had to protect herself from a lion. So now Finland is another victim of the Bolshevists and the Nazis. War spreads and spreads. During the last week our losses at sea have been very heavy, but serious fighting on the Western Front hasn’t really begun yet. Where the end will be, God alone knows.
This morning I ordered books from Boots sale catalogue. I don’t suppose I shall get all I asked for, but I’m bound to get a few bargains. Yes, I keep on buying books. I know it’s a silly habit, but I still keep on doing it. Anyhow, I thank God that I can still read. If I couldn’t escape somewhere from the agonies of this crazy world, how could I go on living in it?

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