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I am the great-granddaughter of Ruby Side Thompson. 
Recently I started re-reading the World War ll journals and felt that they were such an important part of a history that will soon be forgotten if not published and shared with the world. These diary excerpts are not the entirety of what is published in print and kindle.
Ruby grew up during a time when education was just beginning to be encouraged for both upper and middle class women. During the late 1890's Ruby explored many radical political ideas of London, England. She met many famous people including the writers George Bernard Shaw and William Butler Yeats. 
5.0 out of 5 stars A choice pick, not to be overlooked, November 6, 2011 By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

World War ll London Blitz Diary: 5-10-40 Look into the past - This was a great look at the war through the eyes of a civilian. Ruby life as an older married woman who has kids. I actually thought of my grandmother reading this. Read the other reviews

The King has appointed Winston Churchill as Prime Minister. So, another cabinet shuffles.

A special order has been passed to eliminate the Whitsuntide holiday. Monday will be a business day.

Reports from the Netherlands are most serious. The Germans are landing parachutists by the hundreds. These Germans are disguised. Some even wear Dutch uniforms. Some are disguised as priests and even nuns. As usual the Germans are bombing everything in sight, and especially the refugees along the roads. For pure wanton destructiveness Germans are even machine gunning the cattle in the fields.

World War ll London Blitz Diary: 5-6-40 Ruby provokes a strong reaction! By Gabriella West (San Francisco, CA) I was fascinated that Ruby had spent so much time in the US and pined for Bayonne, NJ (!), but I was puzzled as to why, and it confused me that she had grown up in London but seemed to think of herself as an American sometimes. However, that being said, it is the familiar tale of a woman trapped in a codependent relationship. Ruby is really very smart; she's also lonely, and despises her critical, grandiose husband, Ted, a staunch Catholic who's from a slightly lower social class. But she also NEEDS him. It was telling that she went so far as to apply for a visa to America early in the book (which would have allowed her to leave Ted and miss the Blitz) and then backed down. She was a strong woman surrounded by women who seem relatively weak, in a time that didn't allow her to be strong, trapped in a marriage that allowed her only a little freedom. She saw how limited her freedom was, which made me feel sad for her, and in some entries she reminds me of my own mother (when she complains about the "female leeches" surrounding her, for example!) But the bottom line is: she stuck with Ted and like so many women, she has to suffer masochistically when he chooses to take things out on her. I thought the worst thing he did was leaving her alone to go off to his bomb shelter at the beginning of the Blitz. He was clearly a narcissist--but I'm afraid her diary entries show that she could be just as cold and grandiose at times... What made this worthwhile reading for me was the way she echoed Virginia Woolf's anger about men and war, that men *enjoy* war and women suffer and endure it. At one point she writes that “male maniacs” started the war! Her understanding of gender inequality and her righteous anger goes really deep. It's an important subject. I wonder how many other women were angry about the war during the 1940s. We are taught about male conscientious objectors but we're not taught how women really FELT. But since Ruby chose to stay with Ted presumably till he died, she has to force herself into a dependent role. And playact, to a certain extent. So the diary makes hard reading, but it's a valuable historical document, especially when she lists the times of the relentless daily and nightly air raids and describes how ordinary people were getting gunned down on the streets by German warplanes, something I never knew. I'm proud of her for leaving this document behind--I think she knew she was leaving something important for her female descendants and for posterity, even if no one in her own era understood or empathized. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005H7TVRE True Journaling By Lorijae I like this genre and it was free, so even though some gave negative reviews especially about the ranting’s towards her husband I loved the book. I kept in mind that this was a journal meant for no one but Ruby Side Thompson's posterity. I am also a journal writer and I have lamented about how often my writings are negative, but I, like Ruby, find it a place to vent, cry or laugh at myself and those around me. I also was enthralled with her description of the time and place and events that occurred around her. I will definitely finish the series.

News from Cuthie, he is back at Driffield. He writes, “Scotland is a pain in the neck.”

Why is the general war going on? It is because men will have it. 

Germany has invaded Holland and Belgium, and completely over-runs Luxembourg.
Germans landed troops at the ports, and men from the air by parachute. The attack from the air has been terrific also. Both Holland and Belgium have appealed to us for help, and we are going to their assistance instantly.  Half an hour ago our government, through the BBC, broadcast to all our Civil Defense Forces to stand-by and to be ready for any emergency; Civilians to resume continuous carrying of gas masks,  all home defense precautions in order, and for everybody to immediately acquaint themselves with their nearest air-raid shelter. Attack on England is imminent. The Germans may begin bombing us now, at any moment. Anyhow, here’s the war, in hellish earnest. Ten p.m. Mr. Chamberlain has resigned, The King has appointed Winston Churchill as Prime Minister. So, another cabinet shuffles.

World War ll London Blitz Diary: 4-12-40 I don’t think many women are going to sit around in the beauty parlors once the bombs begin dropping.

I don’t think many women are going to sit around in the beauty parlors once the bombs begin dropping.

I was awakened during the night by the airplanes, which were screaming about quite a lot. This is not a bit unusual nowadays.  One day this week a German bomber crashed at Claxton, causing one hundred and fifty-six casualties and destroying two streets. 
By the way, our forces have evacuated themselves from Norway during this week, a very disturbing setback for us. So far, it seems to me Hitler wins everywhere he strikes; 

Mr. Chamberlain and Winston Churchill, public opinion begins to be that they are too complacent and then too late.

World War ll London Blitz Diary: 3-13-40 Interesting historical perspective By Pamela Lach (Northern Michigan, USA) That brings to life a world I can barely imagine. It's hard to think what a toll it would take on my sanity if night after night; day after day I had to live with the sounds of anti-aircraft guns, planes overhead and bombs dropping around me. The lack of sleep, the struggle to find nutritious food and the irritation of being stuck with the same people day in and day out. I think people must remember this as they read her diary. She was living during an intensely difficult time. Add that she was in a very unhappy marriage, to a man that had little sympathy or empathy for her. There are times that she goes on and on about the same things over and over again. She despises her husband and feels trapped. She doesn't like his family either. She despises his religion, yet has a variety of religious feelings and outlooks as the bombs fall around her. She has a lot of anger toward all men; she blames their attitudes for allowing such a devastating war. Yet, she also had seven sons. Sometimes she sounds a bit snobbish, sometimes over-emotional. Yet, I think that is part of the 'real' feeling of the diary. She is a genuine woman of her time, living and reacting to a world that was in terrifying upheaval. I have gained a wonderful perspective on history in that time, and am grateful to see it through the eyes of this imperfect woman. I am glad her outlet of writing has left us with this legacy. I look forward to reading future volumes too.


It is the defeat of the Finns. An armistice has been arranged between the Russians and the Finns, and the Finns have to accept the Russian peace terms. Neither Sweden nor Norway would permit passage of troops through their country, so Finland is obliged to surrender.


We haven’t been to the pictures since New Year’s, because of the bad weather and the blackout.


Cuth left for Driffield soon after nine this morning. He says he’ll probably be over the Rhine tomorrow.


The war spreads. Germany invaded both Denmark and Norway this morning, at six o’clock.
Germany announced to the world that she had taken these countries under her protection, to “protect” them form the wicked Allies.  Germany bombed Oslo from the air from two a.m. to five a.m. this morning. I suppose she “protected” Poland.

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World War ll London Blitz Diary: 1-31-40 Life of an English Woman during WW2 in a London neighborhood. By Abbra (NY) I really enjoyed this book although was disappointed that you had to buy the next book in this series of diary. Other than that it is a good read about a woman and her family and friends living in wartime England and the horror they are experiencing as Nazi Bombs fall in their neighborhoods destroying neighborhoods and killing their friends.


For several days now all transport, rail and road, has been disorganized or not working at all. Neither milk nor coal get into towns, and outlying villages in Derbyshire, Buxton, and Lanshire have been completely cut off .


At eleven o’clock this morning the air raid warning sounded. It was only a practice signal,
when the warning siren goes off, one suffers a panic, willy-nilly. Suddenly I felt as though I had no insides, and probably a siren sounding will do that to me for the rest of my life.


Bert was bullying Mrs. Bull to make her give up her ration cards to him; but this she refused to do.  One’s rations are one’s own, and certainly do not have to be surrendered by a daily worker to her employer. Why should they?

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World War ll London Blitz Diary : 12-27-39 World War II London Blitz Diary. JLSB REVIEW Jim I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I gave it a rating of 3 simply because it is a diary of the experiences of a remarkable woman which she did not intend to be a novel. It is history at its best--the credible revelations of a highly intelligent and well-read fifty-six year old middle class London suburban housewife told privately and confidentially to her diary. Set in the period from the beginning of World War II on September 1, 1939 through the German bombing of London and its suburbs during the summer and fall of 1940, Ruby Thompson's diary provides a chronology of what she and other Londoners had to endure during the darkest hours of the war when Britain was fighting alone for her survival. It is history as seen from the home front which was every much as dangerous as battle on the front lines. When bombs were not falling, Ruby reveals her controversial and rather critical feelings about her husband Ted, her feminist scorn of men in general whom she blames for causing the war, her hatred of Catholicism, and her dislike for her nosy acquaintances who often drop in for a visit unannounced. She apparently does not have the courage to voice her opinions of disapproval to them directly, except occasionally to her husband. Most of her opinions are expressed only to her diary. I could not help analyzing the personality and character of this fine but highly opinionated woman. The diary is well worth reading as a true soap opera set in the true history of war.


It strikes me as we are going to hear some very bad news tonight. Our airplanes are going over constantly, bombers, in both directions, and flying very low.


There was a severe earthquake in Turkey; between five and six thousand people killed in Anatolia. This world suffers one misery after another. 


With the outbreak of war, and the blackout, all street meetings and associations, all clubs, etc., automatically came to an end.  So this morning I feel that I can’t worry about the war. I don’t care a hoot about Hitler, Goring, Ribbentrop, and Company.


Everybody suffers from the inclemency of the weather, but actually it is proving a blessing, because it holds up most war maneuvers, particularly in Finland, The Russians are being frozen to death!

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World War ll London Blitz Diary :12-21-39 Cuthie, who is now with an operational squadron, stationed at Driffield, Yorkshire, does not expect to get any leave before March. The war continues to get worse and worse. Finn’s have not surrendered to Russia, there are about forty Russians to every Finn.

Cuthie, who is now with an operational squadron, stationed at Driffield, Yorkshire, does not expect to get any leave before March. The war continues to get worse and worse. Finn’s have not surrendered to Russia, there are about forty Russians to every Finn.

The war at sea is dreadful. The Germans are laying magnetic mines, and attaching neutrals. They bomb fishing boats from the air, and machine gun the fisherman on the decks, and in their little open boats.  

Last week there was a big naval battle off South America, with the German pocket battleship, the Graf Spee.  Also, yesterday, the German liner “Columbus” scuttled herself because she saw a British warship.

World War ll London Blitz Diary: 11-30-39 Great Diary If you read WWII you MUST read this telling account of a woman who struggled through the blitz.

At noon we had news that at eight o’clock this morning Russia invaded Finland, attacking simultaneously from land, air, and water. So now Finland is another victim of the Bolshevists and the Nazis. War spreads and spreads. During the last week our losses at sea have been very heavy, but serious fighting on the Western Front hasn’t really begun yet.

There is news this morning that the Finish Prime Minister resigned and a new cabinet is forming in Helsinki. Meanwhile, there is a lull in the Russian attack. I suppose Finland will have to accede to all of Russia’s demands, or else be absolutely exterminated.